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About MeSeason 8 of Apex Legends featured a new character, and various abilities changes which could change the role of some legends within the meta.

A New season of Apex Legends will bring an increase in the number of characters and changes to the stats and abilities of the existing Legends. Respawn Entertainment is continually shaking the meta in order to make sure that players don't play the same Legends over and over again. Once you are looking to find out effective information about video game, you've to sneak a peek at https://bettergamer.com/blog/what-are-the-best-legends-in-season-8-of-apex- site.

Of sure, there are legends that have remained in one spot of the meta since the game's release over two years ago. However, there are also characters who have both risen and fallen from many gamers' personal ranking.

S-Tier: One that you can't go wrong regardless of the team you select.
A-Tier - Solid all-around choice that will benefit your team than the other Legends.
B-Tier Legends: Serviceable Legends that could make a difference an event if they are used appropriately.
C-Tier: Decisions that don't have a large impact in whether your team wins the match or not.
D-Tier: It should only be selected if you are required to finish a task.
The list is not definitive and is based on observations from Season 8. The fact that a Legend is in C or D-Tier, it doesn't necessarily mean that they can't play in the game.

Apex Legends Season 8 Legends tier list


Wraith: Wraith is an S-Tier Legend. Wraith is always on highest of the players' lists regardless of the things Respawn Entertainment does about her skills and stats. It's hard to beat her abilities, as she can vanish quickly and provide an enormous boost to a team's movement with her ultimate.
Bloodhound: Since the middle seasons of Apex Legends, Bloodhound has moved their upwards in the ranks. Respawn has boosted their abilities to give players more opportunities to spot enemies in recent seasons, and this was enough to move them into the S-Tier. A Bloodhound on your team can be an invaluable tool.

Fuse: Fuse is now in the A-Tier, despite the fact that it's only been couple of days. He is the only Legend with two damage-dealing capabilities, making Fuse a rogue. This was demonstrated beautifully in the latest Reddit video. His passive ability is extremely useful, making him an excellent choice until Respawn nerfs him.
Gibraltar: Gibraltar, an A-Tier Legend with a continuous A-Tier Legend is by far the best tank in the game. The Gun and Dome shields are deadly and perfectly complement the ultimate, which has been buffed in recent seasons. Additionally, he suffers 15% less damage when shot thanks to his size which is a huge advantage on maps like Kings Canyon.
Pathfinder: Apex Legends' resident robot dropped from S-Tier to A-Tier this season after Respawn nerfed his grapple hook. But, the grapple is still effective enough to merit Pathfinder's position in A-Tier.
Wattson: Wattson is a defense nightmare for teammates. She can secure small buildings or areas by herself. While she was boosted in Season 7, her capabilities are still situational, so she is just two steps away from advancing to the S-Tier.
Lifeline: Lifeline is a lifeline that is available everywhere, excluding A-Tier. Her healing skills are second to none in Apex Legends but don't change the complexity of a team enough to catapult her into the next tier. You can still celebrate when your teammate chooses Lifeline.

Bangalore is the standard for a legend, Bangalore's greatest is still holding her back. While her smoke grenades could be used as a tactical tool, they are not the most effective part of her make-up.
Mirage The replica of Legend just can't make his way through B-Tier for the majority of players. Mirage isn't a game changer, but Respawn has given him enough adulation that he is worthy of his place in this tier.
Loba Her goal is to aid every player, not the team. Even though her Black Market ultimate can be useful to teammates, it's not enough to make her an elite player.
Caustic: The toxic scientist from Apex Legends. Caustic can certainly be an A-Tier Legend if used properly. Many players who select him do not use their abilities to the fullest extent and instead harm their adversaries.
Horizon The Season 7 poster Legend, Horizon's abilities can be extremely useful at times. Unfortunately, these abilities are only useful if no enemies have eyes at you. Her Black Hole ultimate is intriguing however it is too specific.

Revenant: This fierce Legend doesn't have the abilities to be a part of Apex Legends. Death Totem is a standard ultimate, could be rendered ineffective against those who are able to defeat it.

Crypto: The sole reason Crypto is placed in C-Tier is because his Surveillance Drone removes you completely of the game. The hacking Legend is a great choice for those who are part of an entire team and can communicate effectively. It's not the case for the majority of players. BetterGamer provides information about What Are the Best Legends in Season 8 of Apex?.

Rampart: Rampart is a B-Tier Legend if your plan is to utilize Rampart's passive which buffs LMGs. Her mini-gun is extremely noisy, and you could quickly beat the Amped Cover tactic by moving to a different area.

Octane: Although the speedy protagonist of Apex Legends is a great character, his abilities pale when compared to other characters in the game. His capabilities, like the Launch Pad aren't particularly efficient and his other skills aren't particularly impressive.

This knowledge can be taken into the field. Best of luck!

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