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ILIFE V3s Pro Robotic Vacuum Reviews: Does It Deliver the Best Value for Your Money?

Keeping the floors in your home clean often takes a lot of time and causes stress. It is an avoidable chore, however. Luckily, currently there are cutting-edge technologies available on the market, which can relieve all the related pressure. The ILIFE V3s Pro Robotic Vacuum is one typical example. The device is designed for various floor detailing techniques. As your robot assistant, it will clean on its own and handle many types of flooring.

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Things to consider before buying a robotic vacuum cleaner

This type of vacuum is undeniably advantageous. It is a time saver and perfect for those with mobility issues. You will enjoy the innovative features that make your life a breeze. Not all models are capable of detecting changes between surfaces.

They typically include choices for automatic recharging. You can set boundaries thanks to virtual walls. Whether or not you are at home, these devices will help you tidy up your home. It will clean the corners and under furniture on its own. The device requires simple maintenance.

Who it is for:

  • Those who want the robotic machine to handle the unpleasant cleaning tasks for them.

  • Busy people.

  • Working people who want to save money by using a robot instead of a housecleaning service. Over a year, such savings can pay for the robotic vacuum’s cost.

There are so many options that it may be challenging to know which one is for you and your home. That is why you should learn about the necessary features beforehand. We have done the work for you by compiling information with helpful the ILIFE robot vacuum reviews. Here are the most important features to consider:

  • Floor-type

  • The ability to vacuum up pet hair without getting tangled up in the brush

  • Run and recharging time

  • HEPA (High-efficiency particulate air) filtration for capturing dust particles and preventing them from returning to the air you breathe

  • The price

  • Virtual walls

  • Scheduling features

  • Smart navigation systems to learn your house’s layout for more efficiency

  • Controls

  • Remote control

  • Apps and voice control

About the ILIFE V3s Pro Robot

ILIFE promises this noteworthy device is easy to use and provides a thorough cleaning. Since this vacuum does not have a roller brush, you will not have to worry about tangles. You can preset the time for your robot to begin its everyday cleaning. The incorporated infrared sensors underneath work to detect stairs for fall prevention, thus ensuring safe cleaning. Not all the obstacles are identifiable and avoidable to the front infrared sensors. Auto-charging is inclusive.

Who it is for:

  • Those looking for an automatic cleaning machine that works fantastically to grab pet hair with almost zero chance of clogs.

  • People in the market for a compact self-propelling unit to detail under beds, tables, and the like.

  • Those on the lookout for a vacuum good at tackling just about any type of floors - for instance, tile, hardwood floors, and thin carpets.

  • People who like using a remote and do not have high-pile carpets.

  • Those looking for a robot vacuum with decent performance at a favorable price.

Who it is not for:

  • Houses with thick rugs. ILIFE A4s, Roomba 960 or Roomba 890 may be your best choice in this regard.

  • Those who want to control the robot with their smartphone. Instead, you can consider the ECOVACS Deebot N79.


  • Ability to clean up just about everything, from dust to dog hair

  • Ability to clean almost every flooring type

  • Run time is up to 100 minutes before recharging + self-charging

  • Simple controls

  • Affordable price


  • The need for emptying the dirt-trap following every use. It fills up fast.

  • Lack of fancier features - for example, smartphone control

Features & Benefits

This model comes with up-to-date technology for pet hair care, so households with cats, and dogs may find it especially appealing. It is good at dealing with dirt and other debris.

1. Slim design

This three-inch high, low profile machine can slide under your sofas and beds to tackle difficult-to-reach dirt and dust with ease. It has an 11.8-inch diameter and 4.5-pound weight. The suction port with the tangle-free technology makes getting rid of pet hair hassle-free. Also, because of the absence of a roller brush, it is easier to clean and maintain the bot.

2. Technology

The ILIFE V3s reviews are generally positive partly because of its robust suction and the AirAway technology with a double-filter feature. It works impressively to separate dirt from the room air. In other words, there will be fewer chances for clogging and improved suction power to eliminate pet hair, grime, and dirt from the floor.

3. Setup

Setting it up cannot be simpler. Plug in the base. Next, flip the electric switch and charge it. You will love that the power adapter is compatible with not just the base but the robot itself.

There are three cleaning modes; they are the spot, edge, and whole floor cleaning. The edge cleaning mode makes cleaning walls and corners easier. With one simple button click, you can activate it. Alternatively, use the remote control.

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4. Schedule

Programing this unit is effortless. It is capable of handling seven cleaning days per week. Thus, even if you are at work or fall asleep, you can be confident that your house is kept clean.

5. Self-charging

The machine operates on long-lasting lithium-ion batteries which are already built into the machine. It also features a charging dock to which your robot can return automatically to dock itself into for recharging. With this unit, you only need to change its filter each month.

A quick look at the features of this best ILIFE robot vacuum:

  • A tangle-free pet hair care technology

  • Low profile design

  • Programmable schedule

  • Three cleaning modes

  • Intelligent sensors

  • Climbing feature for dusting multi-floors and tackling obstacles

  • The runtime of 90-100 minutes

  • Self-charging

  • The durable battery

  • Simple operation with a one-touch automatic clean button or remote control

  • Excellent air filtration

  • A one-year warranty

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The bottom-line

Do you have pets? And are you on a budget? Then, this model is the best choice. Even when you have more money to spend, it is a fantastic option.

This machine will not send alerts to your smart device, but it is excellent at actual cleaning performance. Afterall, having a clean home is the most desirable feature when choosing a robotic cleaning unit. With its low profile, it can easily travel under furniture. Besides, the machine automatically returns to its charging dock once the battery level is low. It can also work for long durations.

Hopefully, you enjoy this ILIFE vacuum review and it helps you choose the best fit for your needs. Do not forget to share the post with those who may be interested!

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