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The Best Laser Levels You May Not Know

When asked about the best laser level around, you may likely mention popular brands like DeWalt and Bosch. While these brands are the most renowned names in the market, some other brands can rival them in terms of quality and even come at cheaper prices. Some of the best laser levels you may never know are highlighted below;

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#1. CST Berger RL25HCK

This is one of the most underrated self-leveling rotary laser levels around. It comes with an asset of complete kits that make it a great bargain. Another thing you will appreciate about this laser level is that it comes with an accuracy of 3/32” accuracy at 100 ft. Its variable speed ranges from 150 to 600 rpm. The device comes with a housing case that protects it from wear and tear. Accessories included in the package include an 8-feet measuring rod, three batteries extra, and a tripod stand. The electronic self-leveling rotary laser level can withstand up to 3 feet of drop. The high-precision glass and durable gasket enclosures on this device will keep it safe outdoors.

#2. Johnson Level & Tool 99-006K Self Leveling Rotary Laser System Kit

This is another underrated laser level that has been regarded by many as the best laser level for builders due to its numerous accessories. It has a soft-shell carrying case to facilitate its storage and transportation, it also comes with a tripod to help you measure with a laser beam at elevated heights. The alkaline battery provides more than a day of power output, thus supporting many hours of laser beam usage. With mounting brackets and magnetic targets, you can secure this laser level on its base to produce accurate results always. 13 ft. grade rod and protective eyeglasses are also included in the package. As a self-leveling rotary laser level, it works at speeds varying from 200 and 600 RPM as well as an indoor range of 200 ft plus an exterior range of 800 ft. The maximum wavelength of operation is 635nm + or – 10 nm.

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#3. Topcon RL-H5 Series Self-Leveling Rotary Slope Laser

It may cost more than the other laser levels on the list but it will surely deliver more than your expectations. With 100 hours of battery power supply, you may not recharge this device until after a few weeks. It comes with a horizontal self-leveling feature plus an efficient LCD to view your measurements. The battery indicator ensures that you don’t run out of power abruptly while working, and it has a manual slope configuration or calibration. This could be your best laser level for kitchen fitting and it could also serve as your outdoor laser level as a professional builder, plumber, or architect. Don’t worry if this laser level is knocked off balance, its LED indicator will send signals before the device self-level automatically. The review on the best laser level for kitchen fitting will help you learn more about this device.

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