Ziploc reclosable plastic bags

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"While triathlete's, including myself, tend to dish out loads of money for whatever is branded as for triathletes or sports, one of the best gear recommendations ever has been the Ziploc bag. I take my iPhone with me on every run and every ride. I also sweat a lot more than the average person, and yet, my phone has never gotten wet because of sweat or rain while in a handy dandy Ziploc bag. I just put the phone in the bag, zip it up, leaving a small space for the headphones cord, jam it into my arm band or cycling jersey back pocket and off I go. On the occasion I will be wearing the phone on my waist in one of those waist belts, and as such, subjected to even more of my running sweat, I double bag the phone if I insist on having the headphones plugged it. Has worked like a charm on numerous runs, week after week, month after month. I switch bags as often as I do the armband holder, which makes the price per use less virtually nothing. No plugs to loose, bulbs to force out, cases to clean and at a fraction of the price. "sheesleeva


Ease of installation

drop the phone in, zip it off, and off you go


Ease of use

fits any arm band, pocket, or otherwise



one size fits all - don't have to buy a special one for each phone model



the only time I have ripped a bag is when I insisted on forcing the phone into a real tight fitting arm band



considering the entire box of bags is about $2 and a bag can be reused for weeks, nothing beats the price



oh yeah, I scream cheap



my phone never gets wet


durable, cheap, no parts to loose, nothing to clean, can operate my phone while in the bag, easily fits inside the arm band as adds no extra bulk to the phone


not exactly high on the cool scale and really skimping by going generic does make a profound difference. you have to go Ziploc

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