How to Make a Comeback in Swimming

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photoIf you have ever taken a month off in swimming, this article and short training plan will get you feeling the water again and back to your original yardage.

The Best Head Position for Swimming

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avatarIs there an ideal head position? The criteria below will give you a general idea of when you know you have found your sweet spot for head position.

Off Season Swim Workouts: Month 3

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photoThe focus of this months workouts are to get you used to zone training. The final workout will work on racing speed and finishing strong.

Off Season Swim Workouts: Month 2

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photoThe purpose of these workouts are to continue getting you more comfortable in the water, improve endurance, and increase your efficiency with bilateral breathing drills and a high elbow catch.

Off Season Swim Workouts: Month 1

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photoThe first month we will be pressing the "reset" button. We'll start the month with some drill-focused sets and endurance building.

Five Beginner Swimming Improvement Tips

author : TeamMPI
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photoEach week I see many triathletes who come to me for help in improving their swim. Although each athlete has developed his or her own way of swimming there are common threads within the technique flaws

The Evolution of Swimming

author : garyhallsr
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photoMuch has changed in swimming over the past 30 years. I will summarize the most important changes in two categories; swim training and swimming technique. Both are critical to fast swimming.

Freestyle Hand Position

author : garyhallsr
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photoWhat to do with your fingers and hands while swimming.

How I Gained 6 Minutes on a 500m Swim

author : HerveB
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photoI went from 15 minutes to 9 minutes on 500m, this is how.

Fullsuit or Sleeveless Wetsuit for Iron Distance?

author : davesheanin
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photoIron distance, overheating and cramping in a fullsuit. Will a sleeveless or shorty wetsuit alleviate my cramping for this distance?

How To Structure A Swim Workout

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photoWhen you head to the pool for a swim workout, do you ever wonder what you should be doing?

Open Water Swimming (OWS): M.A.P.S. to Get Ready

author : IndoIronYanti
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photoMAPS is Meditation, Acclimatization, Practice, and Strategy, which are key for giving you the confidence and skills to execute the open-water swim in a triathlon well.

Bigfuzzydoug's Ten Points to Beginner Swimming

author : Bigfuzzydoug
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photoOur member shares what he has learned for beginner swimmers

Fundamentals of a Beginner Swim Plan

author : garyhallsr
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photoWhat should a new swimmer focus on? This article will discuss swimming frequency, intervals, breathing and drills.

The Facts of Swimming

author : SwimSmart
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photoImprove your technique and swim better with less effort by knowing these simple facts.
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