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Members Tell of Cold Weather Craziness
A Thanks to Our Mentors
Volunteer Mentors Inspire Triathletes
Nerve Pain in Hamstring?
Docs weigh in on whether sciatic pain causing persistent ache in hamstring
Sore arches
Treadmill running causes arch pain
10 Tips for the Time-Crunched
How to maximize training when your schedule is tight

Gear Reviews

Amazon Publishing The Triathlon Project
The Triathlon Project is an engaging piece of nonfiction, part instruction and part memoir. The author is a highly accomplished gentleman, having wrapped up a career in a high-leve[...]
Recoup Fitness The Stinger
This is a good idea, using your cold/ice treatment simultaneously as your muscle roller. Overall, it's pretty well designed. It looks great and does stay frozen for a long time. Th[...]

Race Reports

LA Marathon
LA has gradually come up in the world of major city marathons. A couple ownership changes and the institution of the "Stadium to the Sea" course in 2010 have revitalized it. Doesn[...]
Parris Island
Parris Island Triathalon is a well organized, fun event. It's a great way to start off the Triathlon season here in South Carolina. It was well supported with volunteers. The eve[...]
HITS Triathlon Series: Naples - Full Iron Course
This race had some pretty significant organizational flaws. Seriously lacking in number of people supporting bike aid stations. Few, if any, had more than one person working. Made i[...]
  • What Running My First Triathlon Taught Me About Life

    The following is excerpted from the full story, available at the blog link below.The story began when, together with three friends, I spontaneously signed up for an Olympic distance triathlon (sounds fancy but it’s just the standard triathlon distance; 1.5km swim, 40km bike, 10km run) only seven weeks prior to th[...]

  • First Triathlon!

    In August I completed my first triathlon.It was a sprint but WOW was it hard and exciting for me. Over the years I completely let myself go. I was overweight and turning 30. With five months to go before my wedding day, I decided to make a change. I knew I wanted to lose weight for the wedding but more importantly I wa[...]

  • Old and Creaky

    When I was in my mid 40's, I started feeling creaky. I thought to myself that I was too young to be old, so I decided to start getting active. I became a fair weather runner. I ran when it wasn't too hot or wasn't too cold or I wasn't too busy. As I neared 50, I felt I needed something to distract me from that mileston[...]

  • How it all started...

    I am a 44 year old father of a 10 year girl. When she was 8 and riding her bike pretty good, she was complaining that she wanted to ride further than we would let her by herself. So I bought an old 3 speed Schwinn off Craigs List and we started going for bike rides on the local bike trails. Eventually I was riding by m[...]

  • My First Triathlon (and my Daughter's Third)

    Note: This race report was from my first triathlon about a year ago. I just completed this same triathlon last weekend (as did my daughter) with significantly better results. Since this first triathlon, I’ve gone hardcore into the sport. I train 6-8 hours a week, completed 3 other tri’s last year, and have [...]

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