Avoiding Open Water Panic
Learn how to prepare and avoid the cold water freak-out


From heavy, stressed business owner to triathlete

Could you do a tri with a titanium rod in your spine?

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Kick your ITBS to the curb
A first person account of how I stopped having IT band issues
Pubic Bone Pain
Ache in pelvic area after difficult runs and rides
Bradycardia: Low HR
Is low resting heart rate concerning? How does it affect heart rate zones?
Basic Bike Tools for Triathletes
Even if you can't change a flat, carry these items:
Eating During Race
A Quick Guide to Race-Day Nutrition Options
Open Water Breathing
Open Water Training: Tips to Improve Your Breathing Technique

Gear Reviews

Xterra Vector Pro
I cannot recommend this wetsuit or Xterra as a company. The zipper broke on my Vector Pro on the first fitting. Xterra refused to replace the wetsuit or repair the zipper under w[...]
Jamis Xenith T
Very happy with its performance on my second Triathlon Race. I'm planning to upgrade its tires to carbon aeros soon but I'll definitely be using this bike as a beginner triathlete [...]

Race Reports

Vitality London 10k
Excellent race, super organisation, plenty of buzz!
Believe in Heroes 10k
This was a great small community race. It is, currently, the only one in the area for Memorial Day so I hope it grows. There were lots of volunteers and the course was well marked. [...]
Hammonton Sprint Triathlon
Very nice season opener!
  • First Tri: Don't Fall Off Your Bike

    I needed to reduce my BMI for health reasons and I spent all winter in spinning class and swimming back and forth in the pool, keeping up with my steps on FitBit until one day I asked my step-brother, a Triathlete, what are my goals?  How much riding in place, pool laps and steps are “good”?  With[...]

  • First IM: Racing after breaking a toe

    Hello, my name is Corey Pesson aka CPesson and this is my journey and story. It all started about three years ago when several friends talked me into getting a road bike and start training and racing. After doing so, it wasn’t very long I was asked to do my first sprint triathlon. Now although it was a bit of a s[...]

  • First: Done. On to the Second!

    So, I finished my first sprint triathlon. I enjoyed it and want more. In preparation for the next one, which is going to be held in March, I created a training plan to balance of what I can do better in training and racing.I did my first triathlon in October 28th 2015. It was the 5th race of the Copa Brasil Triathlon c[...]

  • Race To The Race

    Vineman 70.3 race report I am writing this for myself and my family, friends and acquaintances who may or may not know about triathlon, or what the process was like for me to get to this point. This year was the 20th anniversary of the Vineman, and the race would be my first 70.3 distance triathlon. The Vineman[...]

  • First Tri Experience, Start to Finish

    “So, why did you decide to do a triathlon?”  This was the question I got pretty frequently, with some variations that included, “why the heck” and “what were you thinking?”  The second question I got was always, “You’re going to swim in the Schuylkill river?!&rd[...]

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    BT is an essential resource. 
    Awesome site!  Full of helpful info. I did a super sprint last summer. Got total[...]
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    They're astonishingly brilliant!
    Just took advantage and got a gold membership. Then I set about making a custom [...]
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    I love the Beginner Triathlete site. Thanks for developing and maintaining a gr[...]
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    BT is an invaluable resource
    I've done a lot of running in the past three years but only started triathlons l[...]