First Triathlon on the Atkins diet

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     My name is John and I am a triathlete.

The question was

“Can you Train for a Triathlon and do Atkins at the same time?”


You must ask your doctor before you start a diet and physical exercise program.

A physical exam before you start can find out if there are any underlying problems that could be made worse by exercise.


To really understand Atkins read the books.


So this is another part of a 52 weeklong diet and training diary to reinforce that one question

“Can you Train for a Triathlon and do Atkins at the same time?”




My weight goal is to lose 90 pounds. I have lost 38 so far in 11 weeks. 52 pounds to go.

To go from 273 to 183 by my 42nd Birthday near the end of February.

My Training goal is to enter next years 8th Annual Hammerfest Triathlon Festival.

And place in the top 20 percent.

I had 11 weeks to train up to the distances in the race.

The 7th Annual Hammerfest Triathlon Festival Sunday September 21st 2003 in Branford CT.

I lost a total of 38 pounds in 11 weeks and FINISHED my first Triathlon.


½ mile open water swim                     13.5mile bike ride                         4 mile run.

14 minutes 14 seconds                      49 minutes 12 seconds             45 minutes 17 seconds


My first Triathlon The 7th Annual Hammerfest Triathlon Festival Sunday September 21st 2003 in Branford CT.


  My training these last 4 weeks did not go as good as I planned. With weather, work, family and Injury all you do is the best you can.  My Atkins food plan went well and I stuck to it and did not add Carbs to my diet plan.  Had no problem with energy or feeling weak during this Triathlon at all. 


  The swim is in Long Island Sound off the coast of Branford Ct. At a very pretty site The Owenego Inn beach club.  We got there around 6:15 am to set up our bikes and transition stations. Everyone was so friendly and helpful.   I set up all my gear at the first station inside the gate from the beach.  (Thinking I didn’t want to search for my stuff after the swim.)   Around 6:50 am I got into my wetsuit and walked down to the beach. A blue cap on my head meant I was in the third wave with all of the other over 40 men.   The water tempter a great 72 degrees, the sun was just over the water and the weather was perfect.  The  starters said go we went.   Felt great swimming and with the sun shining I started to pass people. I got around the orange floats and out of the water in 14:14 a personal best. 


  Running out of the water and up a small hill to the transition area slowly got out of my wetsuit changed into my bike stuff remembering HELMET ON and Walk out of the transition area.   The Bike course was open road and only two hills that thank god went down on the other side.   After two laps I turned into the transition area walking to my area Quickly changed shoes and drank a liter of water, with an AKTINS bar for fuel.  


  The run was HARD, HARD & Hard after ½ a mile I was walking, the pain in my calf was back. I walked and ran off and on until the pain was numbed and I finished strong in 45:17 a personal best.  I didn’t finish high in the standings but finished in 1:55:53   (30th out of 31 men over 40 years old) I finished happy with my time I wanted to do the triathlon less than two hours and I did.   My calf and knee hurt like hell but It’s getting better as we speak should be fine this weekend when I go  running on the trail with my family.  Season Over now the off-season training starts.


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date: September 4, 2004

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