VIDEO: "The Distance" DVD Part 1

author : scoobysdad
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photoExcerpts from the full-length movie of three BT'ers following their dreams to Ironman

A Hill You Can't Climb

author : bigfella3
comments : 12
photoAnd then I saw it. I got to "The Hill." It looked a bit innocent really, in reflection - just a little hill, with the road bending around to the left...

Travel & Tri

author : trvw
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photoQ&A with a triathlete who decided to compete last minute while vacationing overseas in Croatia.

There is No Finish Line

author : Courage
comments : 1
photoFour Master's Class athletes ride and race like eight year olds in the backyard.

Triathlon - A Volunteer View

author : lmscozz
comments : 4
photoMy experience as a volunteer at a sprint triathlon. My reasons for arising before the sun were not to work out, but to volunteer. I wanted to give back to a sport I’m learning to love.

Site Update: March 2008

author : Team BT
comments : 2
photoWe have rescued a poor, downtrodden soul from the evil corporate dungeons. Here is our first full-time programmer.

Post Season Pliability

author : Diane1961
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photoThe Monday after the race, I go to my health club for my first Pilates class in six years. I look like the fittest person here. Fortunately, I don’t mention to anyone that I’m a triathlete.

I Used to be Sexy (and other fictional and non-fictional musings of a female triathlete)

author : R_Laberje
comments : 14
photoHumorous short story about giving up feminine luxuries for the triathlon fitness lifestyle.

Times Like These: The Cleansing Nature of a Training Ride

author : Courage
comments : 2
photoHere there are no judges, here I take out what I put in times ten. Here, in my church, I am reborn of spirit. And the next hill is upon me and I'm joyful for it. Joyful for the pain and the work.

Triathlon is really Greek for...

author : tripastor
comments : 2
photoTriathlon serves up many humbling moments. The most humbling of days came not during a race day but by email. I had been invited to participate in the Rambling Rose Women’s Only Triathlon. Wow.

Coming Full Circle

author : Ontherun
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photoHaving three seasons under my belt I thought I knew what I was doing. That all changed with a few new challenges and a bunch of new friends.


author : Courage
comments : 8
photoWhat is it that brought me to my knees one Sunday morning and then kicked me into a hole of self loathing and apparent depression? My apparent salvation was my old blue Fuji Royale II.

Quadrathlon: The New Frontier

author : MegL
comments : 40
photoTriathletes want more! Instead of a double or triple Ironman, how about a fourth sport?

What Is It With You Runners?

author : dawnieruns
comments : 2
photoIt's funny, there are so many people who hate even the thought of running, or even of jogging slowly! I can't imagine my life without it.

Volunteering in Triathlon

author : mscotthall
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photoEveryone and anyone that has ever raced in a triathlon should take it upon themselves to volunteer at just one event next season. It is an eye-opening and inspirational experience.
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