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"Overall, very pleased with these. I'm currently on my 3rd pair. The previous 2, I was able to get an amazing amount of mileage out of. I will continue to run in them as long as they continue to be comfortable. "ds97a


Ease of installation

I put them on, lace them up and go!


Ease of use

ummm... really?


Quality of Construction

2nd pair, just starting my 3rd pair
each of the previous have had about 450-500 miles.
1st pair I retired because of smell
2nd pair I retired because I decided that I needed a bit more forefoot padding after the last 1/2 marathon



Solid fit. The toe box comment is accurate. Occasionally I will forget to wear my skinny socks and my toes start to go to sleep after 5-6 miles



Very comfortable!
My second pair - (still rev 1) felt a little weird for the first 200 miles, I emailed Brooks and they saw no anomoolies in the production line.



I traditionally replace the shoelaces with Yankz so, I guess that they are adjustable. WIth the current rev. of the Connects, I am not sure if that will be an option.



450-500 miles on each pair



Solid value for the money! Way cheaper than what I used to pay for control shoes.



LOVED the bright orange!


Customer Service

Very solid. I've emailed Brooks a few times, and they have always gotten back to me so, I'm pretty happy with them.



I have been very happy with them. I have not run more than a marathon in them so, I don't know if they would be my ultra shoes of choice but, good for Ironman's, marathons and below.


Longevity! Very comfy!


Toe box could be a bit wider. I am not a heal striker and would NOT recommend these for someone who is!

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