De Soto Forza ITU Trisuit

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"Overall a fantastic piece of apparel. Actually I will be ordering a 2-piece set of the same kind soon due to the outstanding feel and performance of this product."timf79


Ease of use

It's pretty easy to get in the suit, despite the zipper in the back.


Quality of Construction

The fabric from De Soto is just fantastic. It feels great in the water and out of the water



I am 6'6" and 195lbs and got the suit in XL. The fit is perfect. Which is difficult for my long lean torso



During bike rides I do not use chamois butter and still had no issues. Even used the suit on longer training rides.



I wash the suit after every use in the washing machine (hand-wash) and then put it in the dryer (no heat). Also I have used the suit in pool-tris. So far there has been no deterioration of the quality.



I got the suit from a tri shop on sale and for the price I paid I am more than pleased.



What can I say... Red is faster! Also the suit has black in the area where guys want to have black to hide manly features.


Customer Service

De Soto customer service vie mail and or phone is just top notch.



The suit feels nice and does not get soaked or heavy when wet.


Zipper in back makes it ITU legal. Also I have a very boney collar bone/front and some suits and t-shirt rub my skin raw in no time. Not so this suit
The gel packs are covered and therefore the suit is ideal for tris that are not wetsuit legal (as the pockets do not create any drag).


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