De Soto T1 First Wave Concept 5

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"Great piece of equipment, excellent fit especially for odd bodies. "timf79


Ease of installation

Getting the Pullover on is easier than a traditional wetsuit. Nevertheless using some wetsuit glide spray does help getting the arms twisted correctly.


Ease of use

Put it on and go swimming, can't get any easier than this


Quality of Construction

When putting the suit on I pull and tug quite a bit, no seams have ripped. Nevertheless I dug my fingernail in and had a small tear (which was easily glued).



The Pullover is a size smaller than my Bibjohn and it fits perfectly.



The pullover keeps me plenty warm. Nevertheless it seems as my arms get more tired in open water than in the pool. I think it might be due to the pullover.



I used the pullover a lot over the colder month to get a head start on my swim training. Though I can not attest about the long term (x year) use.



A good wetsuit is to keep you warm, afloat and doesn't restrict movement. The pullover does all of this at a great price.



Optically the pullover is very unspectacular, just as many other wetsuits. Some color would be nice.


Customer Service

I contacted De Soto for sizing support and good top-notch support.



With the pullover I am about 10secs/100m faster than in a pool swim.


Fit, no movement restrictions, flotation


When wearing the pullover and Bibjohn going to the bathroom is a chore, unless of course you don't mind leaving the wetsuit on.

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