Cannondale 2010 Cannondale Slice Hi-Mod

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"This lightweight triathlon bicycle is easy to handle, provides a comfortable ride and is fairly aerodynamic. Better yet, it can be found at a very affordable price if one shops around. One must compare their "fit coordinates" to the Slice's stack and reach to determine whether this bicycle will "fit". "Billyk


Ease of installation

Standard components are used.


Ease of use

Stock components make it easy to use and adjust.


Quality of Construction

I have not had any issues.



You need to check you fit coordinates with the Slice's stack and reach "numbers" to better understand fit.



Very good.



Again very adjustable as standard components are utilized.



Very good but I have not had this bicycle for a long time frame-yet.



Shopping around for "deals" can make all the difference as I found a left over at nearly 50% off retail price.



Ok. I prefer a slightly different paint scheme as found in an another year but this is nit picking.



Excellent and has been used to win Ironman championships.


This bike uses standard bicycle components which enhances one's ability to make adjustments or replacements of parts. The rear end (triangle) is very comfortable in regards to minimizing road shock. The bike is easy to handle which is a blessing to the average Joe and Jane. The frame is very lightweight when compared to other triathlon frames of the same size yet it is rigid where it is needed.


This is not a "superbike" in regards to "hiding" as much cable and components as possible. The newest Slice RS does a better job of this at a stiffer price.

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