Pyle Waterproof Neckband MP3 Player

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"I don't listen music when I run or bike. I like shutting my brain off during those activities. However listening to music, books on tape (tape ha... how old is this reviewer) , or whatever when your swimming helps the time pass. These headphones are a great alternative to the FINIS or the iPod for a fraction of the price. "tsteu.taronyu


Ease of installation

Basically its a flash drive with that plays MP3s. If you use itunes you will have to convert the files in your library using the save as MP3 then copy the files to the player. Not horrible but an extra step.


Ease of use

You basically turn it on and it plays music. When your swimming you don't mess with it much. It has a shuffle, a go to the next song / go back to the previous song, and volume buttons.


Quality of Construction

You have to be careful with the ear pieces. If they over extend i could see where you would pull the wires out of the headset.



Goggles go right over the band. I don't really ever have to mess with it. It stays on and you can hear it well.



You won't know the player is there, except for the fact that you don't have to listen to yourself breath for those long sessions in the pool.



They are not really adjustable its a one size fits all.



I can see people breaking the earphones if they are not careful by pulling the wires out. If you don;t throw them in your car or smoosh them in the bottom of your workout bag you should be good.



Under water iPod 200 bucks.. I'm just saying. If you want a bare-bones play music and stop the doldrums of staring at the lane lines this is the ticket.



They are wrap around headphones... They look super cool!!


Customer Service

I haven't had to call.



The headphones do exactly what you are looking for! Play music under-water!


Easy to use MP3 player that is very inexpensive compared to the other options out there.


Doesn't play MP4 files (standard iTunes) that will turn a lot of people off. Having the extra conversion step is a hassle but to me not worth 150 bucks.

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