NeverReach Hydration System

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"This is a really good unit for holding 64 oz of water or whatever. It is really easy to drink water while in aero without having to puts with a bottle. The unit is very aerodynamic, easy to use, tough, will never dislodge going over bumps railroad tracks etc. Given how tough the unit is, it is a great value. You can go an entire HIM without ever stopping at an aid station for water (unless temps are very hot) and save time. "Baowolf


Ease of installation

For most saddles the installation is pretty easy. However if the support bars on the seat are too far apart, you can't connect the supports tot he bike seat. Please call to get measurement of support bracket before purchasing. There is no fix if the seat bars are too far apart.


Ease of use

Once installed this hydration unit holds a lot of water and is very resilient. I have crashed my bike 2x, hit hard, totaled a bike and the unit is still fine. The unit itself is really really strong and robust to damage.


Quality of Construction

This thing holds up really well. I have 20,000 miles with this on the back and have done all my races with it. This is an excellent quality item if it fits your bike.



If this fits your saddle it holds well and caries your water in a aero dynamic mount with really easy straw for consumption during your ride.



This is the most comfortable system for water intake during a long ride. You don't need to leave aero to take in water. The 64oz resevor keeps you going for a long time.



This item adjusts well, but again there are some saddles that it will not fit on.



This is a very durable unit, as stated above.



Given how durable and convenient the item is, the value is good and it will be functional for many years and will never dislodge from a bump in the road or even full on crash.



The appearance is good, the coloration on the lettering has worn off, but that has nothing to do with the functionality or aero dynamcis which are good.


Customer Service

I had an issue with the fit and the actual designer of the unit returned my email promptly. I was impressed.



Again this unit has never failed me, I use it on all of my rides.


It is aerodynamic, installed reasonably easily, extremely tough, will not dislodge, does not spill water and is very easy to consume water in aero position, holds 64 oz.


This unit does not fit all saddles.

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