Brooks Pure Flow 2

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"My perfect shoe. I'll probably buy five more pairs (bought two off the bat) and use these exclusively for the next race season, as well as training. No gimmicks, just a solid all purpose running shoe for mid sole runners with a natural gait and little pronation. If you like the Green Silence, you'll love this."fisherman76


Ease of installation

I guess this refers to putting it on? Well, the foot goes in...actually, I jest but the "burrito" style tongue system is something I've grown attached to, and very much prefer.


Ease of use

I can safely put on a new pair and there is no break in required. Off I go!


Quality of Construction

There is a shop in town that refuses to stock Brooks now that they have "gone big box". I don't understand that. I want shoes that are built well with lots of R&D in them. The larger the company, usually the more this takes place.



I liked Brooks when I wore a couple pairs of Adrenalines. I flat out fell in love with the Green Silence, and was crushed when they discontinued them. However, I had started to feel like I could use maybe a touch more cushion up front...voila, that is the Pure Flow2. It's a perfect replacement for the Green Silence.



Perfect. Big toe box, tight heel, no lateral rocking, great for a mid sole striker, absolutely invisible feeling for any distance.



Not applicable



No great running shoe lasts more than 300 miles, and these are no exception, but those are 300 quality miles.



For the deal I got, awesome.



A little space ages, but lots of color combos. I think they're understated actually, considering what's out there these days.


Customer Service

No negatives, no positives.



For me, a perfect shoe. I like a lot of feel, low heel, light weight, and a minimalist shoe. I run in them about 40 miles a week and they are excellent.


See performance! And vAlue!


None really, unless you dislike the brand, which is a little odd. It's a shoe!

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