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"Two years ago, this was the best you could get. Not any more. The higher end models allow you to access the date but you still aren't close to the Garmin. "fisherman76


Ease of installation

It just goes on your wrist.


Ease of use

I guess for what it does it's excellent...it counts laps, scores efficiency, and doesn't lose counts. I find the navigation to be less than intuitive, and I find I screw up a lot. If I stick to just counting laps it works great.


Quality of Construction

I have a little issue with the battery life being only good for a year. After that you have to send it to them to change the battery. Annoying. But that's it.



Low profile, like a normal watch.



For a watch, great.



Again, it's a pain to change settings, but it's largely a set once and forget operation.



Another ding for the battery, but it's still in new condition visually after two years.



For what it costs, it goes head to head with the Garmin swim. On that front, it loses, simply because you can't do anything with the data...it's in the watch only. It's also not suitable for open water, with no gps. The Garmin changed the value proposition significantly, and I wouldn't buy this new any more.



Meh, grey and blue.


Customer Service

I don't feel that making the battery replacement mandatory for 25$ Is that much of a deal. The battery costs maybe $4, the postage $3, and the process probably takes a minute. So that sucks.



It does what it's supposed to do perfectly, and that's count laps.


Low profile, counts laps


Not even close to what the Garmin can do.

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