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"But you don't really have a disc wheel! That's the hit. It won't last, it doesn't sound cool, and if you don't tape it, it sounds like a rattling garbage can lid. But it is more aero. Next time I'll probably get a real disc from Hed."fisherman76


Ease of installation

I find it to be a pain the rear to take my cassette off to put this on, but it forces me to clean my cassette, which is a good thing. The screws alone don't hold it tight enough to the wheel, so I use some electric tape around the rim to accomplish this.


Ease of use

It works. I can't vouch for any time savings, but it doesn't make me slower, so I can't say anything negative about it. Looks good!


Quality of Construction

It's not a perfectly flush fit, but it's dang close. It's plastic, not carbon.



Like I said, not perfectly flush, but close. I ended up filing the non drive side hub hole wider to fit my hub better.



Doesn't really apply.



I was happy to find I didn't need a crack pipe to get my pump head in there, which is great.



It's gonna last two years tops, but for about 15% of the cost of a dedicated disc wheel! I'll take it.



Turns your wheel into a disc. Great value!



Up to you to make it look cool. Stickers, paint, etc.


Customer Service

Yeah, got it on time.



Some of the electric tape came off mid race but I didn't notice. Left a nice sludge on my brake track. The hole cover stickers don't stay on at all, but they are pretty superfluous.


Get a disc wheel!


It's a hack job, at the end of the day. Just given the cost of materials, it shouldn't cost what it does, but nobody else is offering a better version as far as I know

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