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"This product claims to get rid of the chlorine but doesn't. Stay away!"fisherman76


Ease of installation

it's shampoo. Not hard to install


Ease of use

not applicable, unless you have trouble using shampoo.


Quality of Construction

Funny, the plastic bottle actually split over time and leaked all over the place. Thankfully I always keep this stuff in a separate plastic bag, so it didn't get everywhere. If I wasn't such a little boy scout, I would be looking for a negative number underneath "1-Poor"



not applicable. Shampoo does not fit.



it's actually lousy shampoo, regardless of the claims about removing chlorine. I don't have finicky hair by any stretch, but it was always pretty brittle after I used this stuff, even with conditioner.



not applicable. You don't adjust shampoo.



I'm sure it's still shampoo as I write this, even though it's been thrown out from disgust. It might have biodegraded some, but that still counts as durable. What's the shelf life of shampoo supposed to be? Because I'll bet it's that, but a little less. I gave it a 'poor' because after I realized it doesn't work, makes my hair brittle, and the bottle cracked, it didn't last any longer than that.



Quite frankly, it doesn't work. So the value proposition is terrible.



blue is a nice color.


Customer Service

no experience with them. I don't call customer service to complain about products being lousy, it's not their fault, it's some quack scientist and a disaffected marketing team. I'm sure there are some nice people answering the phones, I don't hate on them.



It just plain doesn't work. I used the body wash and the shampoo and both left me reeking of chlorine. So performance is poor.


I suppose shampoo should be gelatinous, and it is gelatinous, so that's a strength. And it's blue, which is nice. We're reaching here.


The whole 'doesn't do what is advertised' thing is a glaring weakness. Being a lousy shampoo is a big strike, too.

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