Yankz! Sure Lace System

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"I think this is a pretty lousy product, and doesn't offer any upgrade over no-name speed lace solutions found at any shoe department or store. Not worth the money or hassle!"fisherman76


Ease of installation

I have an engineering degree, and I installed these incorrectly TWICE. That's usually not a good sign. On top of it, the space between the eyelets closest to my toe is very narrow, making the device difficult to install period.


Ease of use

Did my foot slide into my shoe and I no longer needed to tie something? Yes. Does the mechanism that ties the whole thing together stay in place? No.


Quality of Construction

It doesn't break.



Eh, I had hotspots on the top of my foot for a while after I first put them on. Never had that before. I adjusted the laces accordingly and it was ok. BUT, after trying several other brands of speed laces, NONE of the others have this issue.



Well the hotspots were bad. So comfort -1. And the whole not staying fastened in the clasp thing, -1. So Poor.



This shouldn't be an issue. It should be a set and forget thing. It's not. So it stinks.



I put up with this nonsense for about 2 weeks before replacing them with something I found at Target for $4 that did the job and never was thought of again.



They don't offer an improvement over any other brand, and have a couple strikes against them. So value is poor.



I guess they look kinda cool with that triangle clasp in the middle of your shoe.


Customer Service

i didn't call anyone. Just suffered silently.



Hotspots again. Stop!


no strengths.


hard to install, pain the rump to keep up, made my feet hurt, lightened my wallet, and made me go to another store to replace them. Sayonara.

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