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"I can't honestly see myself ever getting another road bike unless this one is smashed up somehow (knock on wood!!!!). It's a perfect fit and a true steed."fisherman76


Ease of installation

I did have to do some work to get everything humming, and a bit more that I should expect to. The front derailleur hanger is poorly placed on my model, requiring some finicky setup to get shifting smooth. I was reticent to bend the hanger, although this has been the prevalent advice. Everything else went together professionally and smoothly, requiring little adjustment.


Ease of use

The bike is FAST. You can feel it rolling, bounding up hills, cornering, everything. You can feel the road incredibly well, comparably more to a carbon frameset than an aluminum one, which this is. I wouldn't hesitate to say it's the most responsive aluminum frame I've ridden.


Quality of Construction

The paint chips incredibly easily. I nicked it once with my cleat for crying out loud. But I'm rider, not a designer, so I don't care.



For me, like a glove at the 56 size. I will say I initially bought this bike to use for both tri and road purposes, and I would hesitate to recommend it for anything beyond an hour with aero bars (and that's with a dedicated cockpit, not clip ons). The geometry *almost* works, but ultimately the reach just doesn't translate enough and you end up arching your back to accomodate the missing centimeters. However, as a road bike, it's extremely well fit.



Again, as a road bike, it's wonderful. As a tri bike, not so much. I've ridden this for several hours on end (longest ride ~7 hours) with zero comfort issues. Of course, saddle choice, fit, clothing, etc factor in enormously, but the bike itself is a joy to ride. I'm a heavier rider at 180 lbs and have zero flex issues on this bike.



There is ample room for spacers if necessary. I did ding it slightly because of the seat post clamp design, which slips unless torqued slightly beyond the stated recommendation. Once I got it tight enough, I never thought of it again.



The paint job is showing wear.



A true steed. It doesn't feel like $10K bike, but it shouldn't. It does feel like a $5K bike though, and it doesn't cost near that. One of the finest bikes I've owned.



I don't like the angle of the cross bar, it's too steep and reminds me of a girls bike. It's more common to see a bend in the bar like on a Venge, or just straight across.


Customer Service

I had some questions when putting it together for torque and FD issues and got instant feedback



This bike makes you a better rider. It's up to you to do the work! Light, strong and responsive, with excellent pedigree.


A rock solid every day bike that will last forever and never disappoint.


It's finicky to get set up to where everything works perfectly, but once you're there, you're golden.

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