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"A well made, comfortable suit with a great warranty that has no better for beginners. Ensure you get a tight fit, but that applies to any wetsuit, not exclusive to XTerra. I'd be hard pressed to make an argument against getting another if my swimming ability hadn't changed."fisherman76


Ease of installation

I installed it on my person without issue.


Ease of use

When I first got it, it was a revelation. Instant speed! Floaty! Cool looking. Easy to use, just wear it and swim!


Quality of Construction

I put my heel through the calf and tore it after 2 seasons. I sewed it back up with dental floss and neoprene glue and everything was fine.



You don't know what you don't know, right? When I first got it I had more girth than I do now. I'd also never worn a wetsuit. So for a couple years, I assumed everything was fine. Of course, eventually you get wiser. I was taking on water, overheating accordingly, and making life hard on myself. All of this was under my control, but I didn't get a new one.



For two years I had nothing to compare it to, so how could I say anything bad? I've read about wetsuit hickies and arm hickies, and got both. Thought they were normal, whatever. If you asked me, I was comfortable. Could it be BETTER? Yes, of course. Wouldn't have gone sleeveless. Would have gotten a tighter fit. Wouldn't settle for hickies.



you don't adjust something like this really.



The tear was my bad, not the wetsuit's fault.



No better value. The suit compares to others at its full price, but it stands alone at the discounted one.



Wetsuits generally look stupid. Face it. But it looks better than the Freak Of Nature!! Hah, that thing is ridiculous. Who cares about appearance though?


Customer Service

Give credit for XTerra at least humoring me when I asked if they would do a warranty exchange following a heel tear. Of course, it says so on their warranty terms, but they were nice when I asked.



The swimmer I was 2 years ago benefited greatly from this suit, today's swimmer not so much. My kick is stronger, my position much improved, and thus having my legs held up as much as they are by 5mm neoprene in the back is simply too much buoyancy now. I tried a suit with 3 and felt (and actually was) faster. But if you have sinky legs or a poor kick, this is great for you.


A well made, comfortable suit with a great warranty


None really.

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