Hind NWT Mens Running Tights

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"For a budget item they can hardly be faulted. I will use them weekly through to the spring and would try other Hind gear based on this item."badmo77a


Ease of use

These tights can be a little hard to get on around the ankle. However this is due to a fitting band at ankle level which provides a firm but not tight fit around the bottom leg hole. This is by design and stops the tights riding up the leg. A good feature which requires a little patience when dressing.


Quality of Construction

Seams are well finished and do not rub at all when running. The only weak point is the drawstring.



The fit is comfortable and supportive. The pair tested were a Mens XL. The suggested fitting size matches my build and provides good support. Legs were long enough for me (6' 3"). I used these as my base layer and they fit snugly.



The only drawback for comfort is the waist drawstring. The string itself is too short making it hard to tie and manage. When drawn in the drawstring is not well enough supported and padded and so can fell like it is cutting in. This meant a few stops for adjustment and to tuck-in other layers for comfort.



No real adjustability features. They might be a little baggy on someone with very skinny legs.



I found this lesser known brand discounted and at a very competitive price.



They look great. The reflective detail and green (acid yellow) panels provide good visibility as well as a modern technical look.



This is not a compression item as such but do provide good support. They are not thick and so on longer runs or windy days you can still feel the cold through them. They have been used for runs of about 10k in 0 degrees as a single layer and start to feel cold after about 30 minutes.


Good looks, great price, great fit for a bigger guy.


Drawstring comfort and lack of warmth in conditions below freezing.

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