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"Overall this is a good drink system for the price point. It helps me stay hydrated and is easy to use. It also helps keep the front of my bike hydrated though as the cap leaks. "Red2sbr


Ease of installation

I got the optional bracket that fits on my aero bars. It snaps in easily and is retained by a velcro strap. I would not use it with the rubber bands it came with.


Ease of use

The straw came with an extention that can be cut to any legnth desired. Very easy to drink while in aero without haveing to look or reach for anything!


Quality of Construction

This is where this product suffers a little. The bottle itself is fine (it's a plastic bottle) but the cap is terrible. The standard installation kit is also hokey beyond hokey. Big rubber bands to criss cross and hold a heavy bottle of liquid?



The fit is really decent when using the optional aerobar mount kit.



The straw is easy to get in a good spot making sips easy and comfortable without the need to reach or get out of position.



Good fore and aft positions with the optional install kit. Height can be dailed in with the straw easily.



It has held up well. It's easy to clean. All of the parts are pretty sturdy with exception of the cap.



Hard to beat the price for an easy to use drink system like this.



It looks aero :)



The low rating is due to leaks in the cap. The bottle comes with a plastic mesh spongy thing that is supposed to act as a filter and anti-slosh mechanism but I can't get excited about stuffing that in my drink bottle. The cap has a large hole in the center that is covered with a rubber sphincter thing that is to allow easy refil on the fly. I suppose it could potentially work for that but all it does is leak. If the bottle is any more than 1/2 full, it will slosh and leak around the cap when you hit bumps. I have tried covering the opening with plastic wrap then snapping the cap down but it still leaks. There was also a hole towards the front of the cap that could be used to position the straw farther forward, the little cap that came with covering that hole was junky and leaked too.


Very cost effective and useful drink system that works really well for its intended purpose but with flaws.


Poor seal on cap. Very hokey standard mount system requires purchase of additional mounting kit.

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