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"Techpaddles (http://techpaddle.com/index.php) were recommended to me by my swim coach Marty Gaal. I had worked with hand paddles and gloves before and thought they were fine for what they are intended to do. However, I did have to really be careful not to over-torque my shoulders with them. These forearm paddles work really well when practicing the 'power-stroke' type catch that Techpaddle calls the Early Vertical Forearm. I use these for dogpaddle, one arm, and catch up drill (fist drill is automatic with the handles). When my stroke is right, I can feel the difference. I'm a fan of these swim tools. "La Tortuga


Ease of use

Comes with a training video. 3 different sizes for different peeps. You can adjust angle of blade against the water by tightening or loosening your grip on the handles. After a couple of sessions, it's a breeze.


Quality of Construction

Heavy duty plastic with good velcro straps



See "ease of use"



Takes a little getting used to at first to get your stroke smoothed out



Several positions on adjustable velcro straps



Used them for a year and so far they look like new



About the same price as hand paddles



Who cares


Customer Service

Haven't needed any



Simple durable construction. Seems to do what they advertise = improve your early vertical forearm catch


I find these much more effective than hand paddles for several reasons. Hand paddles, being further down the fulcrum, create more torque on your shoulder which may cause injury. The placement of these paddles on the forearm lets me get the sense and feel of the forearm catch. They really work the lats.


They take a little getting used to. Give it a few sessions and you'll smooth out.

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