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"I've tried probably a dozen different brands in an effort to find my perfect fit. And I'm not just talking about the cheapest, I bought some $30+ pairs that didn't work for me. When I found these goggles, I found my swimming soul mate. They are perfect in every way.

One note: they also make a Nest Pro "Nano" version. These are smaller than the normal nest pros, so make sure you don't buy the wrong one...


Ease of use

open and put on


Quality of Construction

very solid



check plus for me



check plus for me



common straps



These things last a long time... in fact, they are so durable that I had a pair of clear ones about a year old and they were still going strong but were so stained by the nasty waters that the frames were now more of a tinted yellow than a clear color... so I ended up replacing them... not because they were failing but rather because they lasted too long! ha!



worth every penny



Wish they had more color options (like the nano version)



check plus


-Doesn't put too much tension around the eyes (even for long swims, I've done 2.5 miles straight in them and not even had a ring around my eyes)

-No leaking


-wish they came in a package that could be used as a case... even if it's just plastic that snaps back together

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