Inside Ride Inc. E-motion rollers

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"I've spent alot of hours and riden over 13,500 miles on these. Well made, road like feel and a quality workout everytime. Pricey compared to other trainers but well worth the money. Would definitely buy again. Here is link to the website that describes and sells the product:"slornow


Ease of installation

Nothing to it. Took it out of the box. Everything was put together and I put the bike on the rollers and went at it


Ease of use

There is a bit of a learning curve but I had never used rollers before these and was comfortable on them in 15-20 minutes. Movement of frame makes these easier to use than traditional rollers.


Quality of Construction

Never had any problems. Company sells replacement belts. I never replaced any until recently.



Works well with both road bike and tri bike. Roller drums can be adjusted for other size wheelbases



Just like riding outside. You still have to pay attention to what you are doing but easy to use. Kind of like rollers with "training wheels"



13,500+ miles on them and I never had to replace any of the belts or bands. Recently replaced the flywheel belt and one of the rubber cords that controls the movement of the frame . Probably would be a good idea to do it every 2-3 years just for maintenance purposes.



I have used this for probably 80-90% of my biking over the last 4 years. Cost per mile or hour is really low.



Looks like rollers. Its nor decorative but looks just fine in my garage.


Customer Service

Prompt service when I initially purchased and good response to recent emails when I was looking to buy some replacement belts to do some maintenance.



Rollers have a magnetic resistance unit with 3 settings. Most of the time I would not engage the magnet as it was not needed to provide resistance. I am able to do out of the saddle sprints on the rollers.


Quality workmanship with the feel of riding on the road. No need to buy a trainer tire or swap wheels. When you are ready to ride outside just pick up the bike off the rollers and go.


For the old model (2009) I have there is no remote way to operate the magnetic resistance. With new model that is offered and would be a good option to have.

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