Garmin Forerunner 310xt

"If you can find a good deal on this watch, it's worth it. Otherwise, check out Garmin's newer products. "ratherbeswimming


Ease of use

Pre-set screens are great. Adding more is pretty easy with the manual. I do wish that I could set-up on the computer and transfer to the watch.



Fits well on my tiny wrist. It's bulky in height, though.



The screen has two big cracks as a result of the watch falling from my coffee table onto the tile floor. So, now it still works, but it's no longer waterproof. Not good that a 2 foot fall can do that.


Customer Service

Garmin has been helpful in offering solutions/trade-ins to deal with my issues.



Works great about 90% of the time. The other 10%, I get frozen on the start-up screen, or a blank display. I've tried everything Garmin has recommended, and I still occasionally have the issue. It happens most when I travel with the watch.


Easy to use and pair with ANT+ devices (speed/cadence sensor, HR strap, PowerTap).


Screen sits right at watch face, so it's prone to taking a hit.
Some issues with start-up.

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