Blue Seventy Reaction Long Sleeve

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"Buying this wetsuit was one of the best purchases i've made for myself and my tri seasons. I did well with the Xterra sleeveless but sometimes it was just too cold so i've been wanting a full suit. The Reaction gives me everything out of a full suit that I want. The thickness is just right providing that buoyancy but also giving my free range of motion through my joints. Blue seventy has gotten them self a new customer."proudrcf


Ease of installation

I think every wetsuit has a learning curve on proper donning of a full wetsuit. This wetsuit was pretty easy to put on and take off. I'm coming from a sleeveless Xterra Volt which is much thinner than the Reaction but still was not much harder to get on.


Ease of use

Again coming from a sleeveless only the Reaction felt great in the water. Of course has minimal stiffness in my arm rotation but I soon broke that in and felt comfortable with it. The buoyancy is crazy compared to my sleeveless xterra.


Quality of Construction

I really like the material and thickness of the reaction. I try to take care of my personal things as best I can but still haven not had any chaffing, tears or scratches yet:)



Being 5'3 and 130lb male it is tough to find things that fit well. Most things are too long or too baggy. Wetsuits fit pretty snug and this one fit great! Took a small bit of breaking in for me but I couldn't have more happy with the fit. I wear an XS and if it would have been a S it would have been too big.



The arm joint break in period was the only real "discomfort" i've had but that didn't last long once I had several swims in.



Not sure how much adjusting you have to do but Pre swim donning your suit is pretty easy to adjust certain areas for a more comfortable fit. During and Post swim I wouldn't even try it.



So far no major or even minor damages have laid upon my suit. *knock on wood



I bought this suit used from a triathlete that I believe used it only twice. I think I paid like 50% retail so my value is amazing!!



Love the looks of it, i'm a fan of black and i'm a fan of red. They do come in a few colors depending on gender.


Customer Service

Haven't had to use it yet but I assume they are nice people. I love there advertisements in triathlete mag.



I'm a right below 2 minute swimmer in the pool, threw on the wetsuit and was flying (to me) 1:40 in open water with pretty easy effort. Like I said the buoyancy is crazy!


To me a lot of strengths, materials, durability, performance, looks.


None so far:)

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