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"I really like using these as a tool for a few hundred yards in my warm-up. I don't use them for every swim, maybe every 3rd one. Swimming is such a technical sport and those of us who started late in life can benefit from aids like this to perfect our form as much as possible in order to gain a more efficient swim."SmallTriGirl


Ease of use

There's nothing complicated about these. You just have to make sure you put them on correctly


Quality of Construction

Solid plastic



There are only 2 sizes available - adult and junior.



They aren't the most comfortable things to be wearing, but they're meant to limit your movement and I think that in and of itself makes it less comfortable.



Solid plastic. I can't think of anything short of having them stuck in a fire that would ruin them.



They definitely do the job they were built to do.


These paddles are very good at helping to correct issues like elbow height for the recovery and developing muscle memory for the correct hand position for re-entry. They're comfortable, as long as you put them on correctly. I had been wearing them slightly wrong for about a month until I saw a picture of how they should be worn, If your thumb is on the outside, it's wrong and they'll slide off - plus you're not actually getting correct hand positioning.


Might be a bit hard to fit if you don't try them on first. I bought them in the junior size, since I'm female and only 5'0" tall.

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