H2O Audio Interval 3G Waterproof Headphone System for iPod shuffle (3rd Gen)

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"When you buy anything waterproof I think at first you're always skeptical and wonder how long this is going to last or get a leak. To my surprise this unit has held up very well and keeps playing my music. The structure is very strong and has a good seal to keep water out. The earbuds are very comfortable and really don't notice they are there. This unit has really been a lifesaver for my long swim sessions:) If you can find a good deal on one of these it's surely worth the money."proudrcf


Ease of installation

Very easy to use. Put ipod shuffle into shell, connect via 3.5mm cord and turn ipod on. Close shell and your good to go. The raised buttons on the device make it easy to feel your way around the controls during swims. I really haven't had any problems putting them on my goggles, sometimes the earbud cords do get tangled and I have to take extra time to untangle and get it just right but not that big a deal.


Ease of use

The buttons are very easy to control. If your familiar with the "ipod" controls you should have any problems.


Quality of Construction

Mostly plastic with linings for the waterproof earbuds. So far i've had no problems with the constructions. A year and a half later it hasn't fallen apart on me.



I wear a swim cap all swims and the h20 audio sits really well on the back of my head, i'm sure you have to get used to it but now I don't even notice its there. The earbuds come with 3 different sized cushions to fit your ears. My buds have never come out during a swim, due part because of my swim cap.



I don't think it took long for me to get adjusted to this, now I don't even notice them there. I just enjoy the good music in my head.



Unit laces into goggles and then sits on the back of your head. Adjustibility relies on you.



These stay in my bag and only come out on swims but i've had no problems with make. I've had no water leaks and my shuffle which I've had for probably 3-4 years is still kicking.



I believe these retailed for more and I happen to walk into best buy and find this on clearance for $40. So my value for this is amazing. Completely worth the money for music during my swims.



In a day where I believe most things are getting smaller and skinnier I do think that the unit is a bit bulky. Again I don't even notice its there but now a days I know you can get a waterproof shuffle without a shell and thats so much smaller.


Customer Service

Never had a problem with the unit:)



At first skeptical I've never had a problem with playback with this unit. It has provided several awesome hours of music throughout my swims.


Strengths would definitely be durability and quality. Very impressed how long this is lasted.


Possibly the size comparing it to other waterproof units these days.

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