Garmin Forerunner 910XT

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"This is a great watch and if something happened to mine I'd run out and buy another one since it is that useful to me. The pool swim tracking is useful but could be improved by adding a drill mode and a way to disable the pop up display after hitting the lap button"sbohrer


Ease of installation

There really isn't anything to install, but there is a quick setup to configure the device for a user. Seemed very simple to me.


Ease of use

I'd say the device is very intuitive to use. There are tons of features in this device, but navigating the menus is straight forward.


Quality of Construction

Watch appears durable, and buttons are easy to press.



Should fit most wrists but it is rather large.



Once I'm wearing it I don't really know it is there.



The watch is big, but the strap should fit almost any wrist size.



So far I'd say the 910xt is pretty durable. It will easily handle normal swimming, bicycling, and running use in all kinds of weather. I have managed to get a small scratch on the screen by transporting it in my bag, so I'm now being a little more careful and put it in a soft microfiber pouch to protect the glass from scratches.



This is still the most feature packed triathlon watch on the market and it has a price tag to match. Still since it does almost everything I want it is worth the price for me.



This watch is very big on the wrist and with the quick release kit it sticks out even further. Despite its size I don't really notice it so I'd consider this purely cosmetic. Most other watches in this category are just as big or bigger.


Customer Service

Haven't had a reason to use it, which is probably a good sign.



The batter on this thing lasts a very long time. It should easily last through an ironman. GPS accuracy is excellent.


Handles swimming both in the pool and open water, cycling, and running. Has multisport mode to track a triathlon from beginning to end. Has a barometer for better altitude tracking.


The only area that I think the watch could be improved is with swim tracking in the pool. Stroke identification (freestyle, breast...) is often wrong for me but since I only do freestyle I don't really mind. My bigger two complaints is that the 910xt does not have a drill mode like the Garmin Swim. This means that it won't keep track of distance for kick sets. My other complaint is that several of the pools I swim at do not have swim clocks and hitting the lap button on the 910xt to mark a set causes a screen to pop up and cover the time for 10 seconds. This means that when doing swim sets like 100s on 2:00 if you come in at 1:51 you'll miss your next send off because you won't be able to see the timer on the watch.

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