Sole Treadmill F85

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"When I first bought this treadmill, it was seen as something mostly my wife would use as I typically loathe running on these things. I had never heard of this brand. My limited experience with treadmills suggested that after a few years they start to break down and you experience issues with the belt. However, after having this machine for a few years and coming off of a long, cold winter I'm impressed with how this treadmill has held up. It has not only served as my wife's primary weekday, late night run option over the years, but it has seen more use from me than I would have initially thought it would receive at the time of purchase.

I would definitely purchase this brand of treadmill again.


Ease of installation

I put this together solo and there are not too many "parts" to contend with. There will be a some time spent screwing/securing the stand-up console, but it is straight forward. It was delivered to us boxed up and it took a couple of individuals to move into the appropriate room of our house due to its size and weight.


Ease of use

If you're familiar with any piece of electronic exercise equipment (such as those found a local gym) everything is straight forward and fairly intuitive. Multiple exercise functions and settings. Large, easily accessible buttons.


Quality of Construction

Solid construction. It doesn't feel rickety or like the entire machine is shaking with every run step you make. Very stable. Have owned for 5 years and have yet to do any real maintenance on it, nor have I had to replace a part or see something fail after extended use.



Multiple run/walk settings. Hand rail buttons add for even easier speed and incline adjustability while moving, particularly at faster speeds.



As stated above, I've owned this treadmill for 5 years and have yet to do any real maintenance on it, nor have I had to replace a part or see something fail after extended use.



I probably overpaid a little bit at the time, especially considering that you can buy it now for slightly cheaper, but if I had to I would make this purchase again at this price point.



Pretty standard here, at least when it comes to exercise equipment. Black/silver combo. Clear and a large enough console display.


Long term durability when put up against 5 years worth of numerous winter treadmill runs and many, many miles.


There is a set of small fans at the top of the console. They may be effective if a person is only walking, but when put to the test of long run sessions they might as well not even be there as they do nothing to cool you down.

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