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"I've loved my B12 since i've gotten it as my first tri bike. I believe i'll have it for years and years maybe upgrading components as I get more experienced in triathlon. I bought this as a "last years models" and suggest anyone else to do this if there looking for great value in a bike:) "proudrcf


Ease of installation

No install required. Since i've bought this bike i've only done minor mods to it. The shop fitted me well into this bike.


Ease of use

I wish my ease of use (biking) was better but being my first triathlon bike I love it. Coming from a much older Giant ocr2 this was a God send. Over that last few years I've been learning to really ride my bike meaning figuring gears, what the bike likes to do and what not to do.


Quality of Construction

Coming from aluminum to carbon has been amazing. Everything has held up perfectly from the last two years. My bike came with SRAM red components and love the responsiveness of everything.



My bike shop did a basic fit which has done well but in the past 2 years i've really tried to personalize it. I'm a smaller guy 5'3 and ride a 650c so i've adjusted everything here and there to really make a comfortable fit. I go for rides from 10-60miles and feel great. In those minor mods I added and Adamo Prologue which has been great compared to the stock saddle.



The stock saddle does it's job but definitely doesn't compare to an aftermarket saddle like the Adamo. My longer rides are much different in the pubic/sacral area due to my Adamo:)



I'm not a bike person, i'm not good on lingo but I do try and take things into my own hands if I think i'm capable of dong so. I've found that I can adjust just about everything if I take the time to research and work slowly. I like this because every time I learn something new on my bike.



This by no means is a top of the line compared to what you can buy these days but this was at the top of my budget. I decided to spend more because I wanted a bike that would last me years and years and if I needed to upgrade parts I could. So far in these two years the bike has been wonderful and mostly still has stock parts on it:)



I initially had intentions of buying a current year Cervelo P2 but at the time the new P2's were coming out and it was gonna be months before they had more in stock. So the owner of the shop showed me a last years B12 for the same amount. The bike I got for the money I paid has been an amazing value. I'm sure I would have loved my P2 but the upgraded components I got with the B12 have been awesome!



Basic black and white works for me, looks stealthy and buying accessories is very easy.


Customer Service

Haven't had to use felt yet:)



Performance is based on me but the bike rides amazing, super smooth tires, I love the SRAM Red shifters that stay in one aero position.


Weight, components, durability, just a great bike overall for the money.


Just a really hard stock saddle.

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