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"Love them or hate them, Bikes Direct has a great value entry level tri bike with the 2013 Motobecane Nemesis at only $799 with free shipping. I only have four rides on this thing, 2x of about 17 miles, and 2x at about 44 miles each. My speed is improved over each ride as I dial in the shifting, fine tune the fit, and enjoy the feeling of controlled speed, (38.5mph top speed to date, downhill of course :) )!

I would have no hesitations over buying another one of these great bikes.


Ease of installation

Bike came un-assembled. Assembly was a little time consuming. I have four decent road rides on it, and am dialing in the shifting. I am not a bike tech. In fact I have no real experience with bike adjustment. No major issues with setup and assembly. I am a mechanical engineer, so I might have a leg up on some people in the assembly and adjustment department.


Ease of use

Well, it's a tri bike. It doesn't ride like a mtn bike, or a road bike. It is my first tri bike, I am enjoying the ride, and can definitely feel the aero improvements over the road bike I have been using. Shifters are well placed on the aero bars. Handling is fine, small movements in aero are amplified, but that's expected; you know that whole physics/geometry/leverage thing :)


Quality of Construction

Attractive black gloss powder coat on an aluminum frame. Welds appear solid. The saddle is pretty cheap. Frame appears identical in form to the Fuji Aloha II frame. It is a fairly dated frame design, but still acceptable. The cabling is routed along the frame for an aero penalty. Group set is a mix of shimano105 and tiagra. Rear is 105, front is tiagra. Wheel set is shimano R500



I would have fit a 58 better, but 56 was largest available. There is enough adjustability to make the fit. For reference I am 6'2" and of average proportions.



It's a tri bike. Harden up!!!!



So far so good. I would like to widen the aero bars out a bit more for comfort, and work my way into a more aggressive position. The bull bars neck down right where I would like to mount the aero bars, which will not allow for secure mounting. That just means I get to toughen up quicker.



I've hit enough potholes at speed to say the bike should give me years of service.



At 800 bucks delivered for a fully functional tri bike, it is a great value. No it's not carbon fiber, no it's not the latest super bike, yes the front derailuer should be 105 at minimum. Hey, it's 800 bucks and it will get me racing!



Black powder coat , red graphics with white lettering. Tri dorks will mock the name, roadies will mock the tri bike. I will just keep riding, passing some, getting passed by more while I work on my engine.


Customer Service

No fuss no muss



Would I be faster on a CF super bike with electronic shifters, and all the upgrades? Yes. Would that get me a podium? No.
Until I start smelling podium finishes this bike will do the trick. It is fast enough to not hold me back.


Price. Decent group set. Adequate adjustability.


Heavier than carbon fiber. Externally routed cables. Limited sizes available.

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