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"Jawbone Up, like fitbit, is not completely accurate, but it is a new, fun technology that is like an adult video came - you get to passively play. "Raansnel


Ease of use

put it on and off you go


Quality of Construction

pretty solid



only a couple of sizes, but like a bracelet so no fit issues



mostly forget it's there. even when running can just push it up my arm and squeeze it to fit snug and it doesn't move around



very easy - it does not have clips, just wraps around your arm like a snake



so far so good



it's ok. like the fitbit, it isn't that accurate, but it's gadgety and can't help but check on steps and sleep patterns, even if I know they are a bit off



lots of colors to choose from


Customer Service

this was a bitch dodgy. The first one didn't work and they insisted it was the power cord - it was obvious it wasn't, but they insisted they would send out a new power cord. waited 6 weeks for that, and it wasn't the power cord, it was the unit itself. then it took another week to get a replacement unit



performs as well as any of these monitors. someone on BT claims her fitbit tells her she woke up 54 times in one night. That seems a little incredulous, but my UP doesn't notice when I have a fit ful night of sleep v. a solid night. I could tell that myself, but it's fun to have a gadget


doesn't a decent job of tracking steps, activity, sleep. not perfect, but decent and fun to measure


mine is set to buzz after 45 minutes of inactivity so I am reminded to at least get up and walk around. ..but it buzzes when I'm on the spin bike, or have just walked to and from the facilities down the hall at work. It has also claimed I was asleep when I was lying in my bed reading a book. ..then again, that wonderful day of book reading was better than sleep

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