Aqua Sphere Vista

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"great goggle that last forever, keeps the water out, and easy to adjust while on the move"Raansnel


Ease of use

very easy to get a great fit


Quality of Construction

these last forever, unless you leave them in your hot car in the sun



for me, these are perfect. the traditional goggles do not fit my face at all. After spending a ton of money on different manufactures, styles, etc. they still either let in water, or if I got them tight enough to keep the water out in the eye area, they felt like they were going to cut into my head. These goggles fit those of us that have the better than norm eye / nose / forehead proportions.



these are far more comfortable than the tradition goggles on my head



I say good rather than excellent as they are as easy to adjust as any goggle



these last forever -- with the one issue being that the get a yellowish tinge to them very quickly, but they still work great



I can actually use these and they last forever so great value



wish they had more colors to choose from and if there was a choice other than clear, it might eliminate the yellowish tint


Customer Service

the company I ordered from sent kids goggles despite the packing slip stating womens but that's not Aqua Sphere' issue


nicely fit the head of the person that can't get comfortable in the average goggle


only draw back is the slight yellow tinge you get quickly because of the clear plastic

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