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"Great product. It's a small compact container to carry a flat kit or any other items which will fit into it and is the same diameter as a water bottle so you can put it in an extra cage you have. I use mine in a single cage behind my saddle. Very clean design and much easier to get things in and out of than a saddle bag. The version that comes with the flat kit sleeve even has an extra storage area in the lid for tire patches. "Clempson


Ease of use

The Keg is very easy. Just stuff everything in and place it in a bottle cage.


Quality of Construction

Very durable bottle plastic, and the sleeve for all the flat kit items is of good quality.



Haven't seen any issued with the durability of the plastic or the flat kit sleeve from bouncing around in the Keg.



Great value. For $20 this is great to not have to worry about bagging a flat kit and sticking it in a jersey pocket or removing rear hydration mounts for shorter rides to put a bag on.



Very nice matte black appearance and is very compact and eye catching. Also comes in a gloss gray.


Uses your existing bottle cage to carry a flat kit or anything else you want to put in it which will fit. Great for those BRICK workouts where you don't have all the pockets on your tri top for cell phone, cash, ID, or credit card. I've started just carrying my flat kit in the Keg and when I ride my road bike I just place it in a jersey pocket instead of a cage. Very compact.


The only weakness I see is that you are putting the flat kit and possibly a cell phone on the bike frame. Which is extra weight on the bike. Many might not care, but I can really feel a difference when I place a lot of weight on the frame instead of my body. Especially when climbing or sprinting when you tend to rock the frame back and forth more.

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