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"This is a highly versatile multisport watch/GPS. Moving up from the 310XT, I now have more than a stopwatch when I'm in the pool, I can sync workouts right afterward using my smartphone, and get running dynamics as well (as soon as I figure out what the numbers mean). Update September 2014: It's worked well, and I've been wearing it as a daily watch, which is a nice convenience so I always have it ready to go. Battery life in watch mode has been great, and I haven't gotten any comments about it's size as a "watch"."tcj103


Ease of installation

"Installation" meaning Garmin Express and their website. Finally figured out how to set up Express, but it won't work on my company computer (not Express, just the "modern" web site!).


Ease of use

Different button layout than the 310XT, took some getting used to.


Quality of Construction

The usual Garmin quality, rather than rubber gaskets for buttons, the buttons are metal



Replaceable watch strap, tools provided, and a large velcro strap is also provided for wear over your ski jacket.



Can be worn like a regular (somewhat large) watch.



So far seems pretty good



This is a do it all device. Can count laps indoors, and receive power from my power meter.



Subdued design and round face makes it look less like a multisport GPS, and more like a (somewhat large) watch.



So far so good. Fixes on GPS signals quickly.


Both Blue Tooth and ant+ options for sensors, control of things like the VIRB camera, many different sports profiles. More watch-like than the other multisport GPSs, when the unit is not being used, defaults to watch mode. I've found it fairly comfortable to wear at work, and I'm not even getting strange looks. It has the ability to link to your smartphone, either all the time, only during an activity, or only not in an activity. The watch can then display emails and text messages, which isn't necessarily a good thing. Only had it in the pool once, and I'm just getting back swimming, so I haven't been able to see how well the lap counter works. For the few hundred yards I've done, it seems pretty good. But extra movements between laps will register as strokes.


Update September 2014: The black background / white numbers must have been a common complaint. Garmin announced a "Special Edition" version that will have a "normal" display; white background with black letters. Oh, and a fancy red band. Thinking about taking advantage of REI's return/exchange policy, since this thing is tough to read in dim lighting without my reading glasses.
With more features comes more complexity. I'm still learning the OS on this thing, but it is highly customizable. The one glaring weakness is the lack of multiple bike profiles. There are a couple "custom" profiles available, and it seems to be able to pair power meters to it, so that may be the work around. Still need to try that out.

The display is reversed from the 310XT/910XT era, where the text/numbers are "white" on a black background. The backlight is also red, which for older athletes can be tough to read. I've found in daylight conditions it's fine to read, however in dim light it isn't as easy. Also it appears that you can use either BlueTooth or ant+, but not both at the same time.

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