The Benefits of Strength Training in Triathlon

author : KevinKonczak
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When I look through folks’ training logs, I see lots of people doing strength training. In most of the logs I look at, folks are spending a lot of time working upper body (chest, back, arms) and not legs. Yes, this will obviously have advantages for the swim part. But not so much for the bike and run part. Correct?


They are not really doing themselves a service by neglecting the lower body and core, no matter how good of a cyclist or runner they may be. All-around body strengthening and conditioning, in short, will make the athlete stronger from head to toe. This translates into speed and power, which allows for pushing bigger gears, bounding uphill faster than their peers, and applying more power in the swim stroke—which means slipping through the water quicker than if they didn’t strength train. [.....]

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date: January 3, 2007