Beginner Triathlete of the Month - PennState

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Our next Beginner Triathlete of the Month is Fred, aka PennState. 

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Other members write:

"IMO I think he is a truly dedicated triathlete that embodies that tri spirit “Never Give Up”.  I have read many of his helpful posts, inspires and caring thoughts."
"I'll put another vote in for Fred, PennState, for many reasons.  For one, he helped me finally figure out my endurance nutrition and gave me many other useful pointers at E-Man -- which leads me to believe he genuinely likes to see other people succeed.  He changed my opinion from unfavorable to favorable regarding an individual on this site.  Sometimes he stirs the pot and talks a lot of crap...but that's okay because he backs it up - in other words: he walks the talk."
"He motivates me simply because of his drive and his ability to make good decisions about training while recovering from injuries. He has been a tremendous help to me regarding HR training and the "scientific" aspects of the sport from how the body responds to selecting equipment. He also rocks his races too! "


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