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The Coaches Roundtable -- This session will feature some of the best triathlon coaches in the region together to answer your questions about training, racing and recovery. Participating coaches include:

  • Earl Walton, Head Swim Coach for TriLife Coaching NYC
  • Scott Berlinger, Founder/President of Full Throttle Endurance, USA Triathlon Level II Certified Coach and USA Cycling Coach, 2008 Clydesdale National Champion Runner-up, former "American Gladiator-Viper"
  • Neil Cook, BS, MS, MEd, PhD. ABD; Multisport Head Coach and Program Manager for the Asphalt Green Triathlon Club, swimming coach and physical education teacher
  • Douglas Schwartz, USAT Level I Certified Coach, Certified Race Director, and current RD for the Jarden Westchester Triathlon and the JCC Kids Triathlon;
  • Ramon Bermo, founder and coach of Tri2B and Director of Endurance Events for the American Cancer Society 

The coaches will answer questions on:

"Training in the winter - Indoor training"

"Heart rate monitors - Yes or No?"

"Swim Hard - Is zone training worth it?"

"Balancing triathlon with life"

"Iron distance race as your first triathlon"

"Coaching males versus coaching females"

"How does a coach balance their own training vs their coaching of other athletes?"

"The importance of REST in triathlon training"

"The most common mistakes athletes make"

"Avoiding burnout during a long season"

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