Moving from Sprint to Olympic Triathlons

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Welcome to AskMrsBeginnerTriathlete. I’m glad that you’re here!

AskMrsBeginnerTriathlete is here to provide answers to questions you have as a newcomer to the world of triathlon. Younger than Dear Abby, more athletic than Ann Landers, each month I will post, what I hope to be helpful, responses to questions that have been submitted.

Our first question:

Dear Mrs. B.T.,
I am new to the sport with only two duathlons and one novice triathlon under my belt. I am not very fast but I am enjoying every minute of it. I am planning to do a sprint tri in a month and maybe a standard one in August.

I was wondering if this is a sensible approach? Should I get "better" on short distance and then move to something longer or do what I want if I feel I can do it whatever the time?


Dear Anonymous,
Doing a tri in a month depends on how your training has been going.

You should give yourself about 12 weeks of training at a minimum to build yourself up to it regardless of the race distance. Even if you don't plan on winning the race or racing the race, 12 weeks will help prevent any injury.

As far as the distance that you compete in over time - there is no "standard". It is up to you and what your goal for entering the race is. Many people increase the distance they race to challenge themselves, others try to improve at the Sprint distances and stick with them for many years to challenge themselves. It is your race, your finish, and ultimately your decision.

Good luck and happy training!

Enjoy the journey.

- AskMrsBT


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