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Remembering Lucy Podcast

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photoA special tribute to a very special BT'er. We miss you. Thanks for continuing to inspire us.

Beginner Triathlete of the Month - Trixie

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photoTrixie speaks of how she made her way into endurance sports and also gives some interesting insight on common runner's mistakes.

Beginner Triathlete of the Month - KathyG

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photoI think her story of losing around 100 pounds and how she continues to train and push herself harder is very inspiring.

Beginner Triathlete of the Month - Bill Fults

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photo37-year-old Bill Fults is an age-group triathlete. But by day he's an Air Flight Paramedic. He also spent the better part of a decade as an Army Ranger.

Beginner Triathlete of the Month - TriAya

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photoAfter getting talked into a Marathon, losing 100lbs, TriAya finds her way into the triathlon world.

Beginner Triathlete of the Month - stevebradley

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photoComing off of a tibial stress fracture in 2000, stevebradley made his way into triathlon. Now he has over 60 triathlons completed and is one of the most active mentor groups on BT.

BeginnerTriathlete of the Month - Scuba Punk

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photoAfter being rejected to a deep-diving class due to being overweight and in poor fitness, Frank starts to get in shape and embraces the triathlon lifestyle.

BeginnerTriathlete of the Month Podcast - Mike Ricci

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photoMarch BeginnerTriathlete of the Month Interview with Mike Ricci

Beginner Triathlete of the Month - Deanna Babcock

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photoShe's back. We were able to interview Deanna Babcock, a triathlete who galvanized the forums over several months with her story of a tragic accident and subsequent recovery.

Beginner Triathlete of the Month - TexasMPGAL

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photoBrittany 'TexasMPGAL' is this months Beginner Triathlete of the Month. Brittany got into triathlons as a stress reliever for 12 hour days in the military.

Beginner Triathlete of the Month - Daremo

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photoA husband, father and architect, Daremo strives to balance triathlon and life and is this month's Beginner Triathlete of the Month triathlon podcast.

Beginner Triathlete of the Month - SWBKRUN

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photoNot only is he a great athlete, he is a great mentor. I have been in his mentor group for the last two rounds and he inspires and encourages our entire group daily.

Beginner Triathlete of the Month - Cusetri

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photoAfter the slow weight gain to 260lbs from work and additions to the family, Cusetri finds his way into endurance sports...which led to triathlon.

Beginner Triathlete of the Month - Max

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photoFrom a cycling background to triathlete. A podcast with one of the first BT members about how triathlons allow him that daily satisfaction.

Beginner Triathlete of the Month - rstocks3

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photoWith his weight approaching 210, Bob Stocks needed to find something to bring some health back into his life.
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