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Will I Lose Fitness?

author : TINKARRA
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photoIf I were to take 3-4 months off from training, in which I would probably lose most of my fitness, would I get back to my former level quicker, or would it take me just as long as the first time?

The World is Not Black and White

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photoShould I do strength training, if yes, when and what should I do?

Training on Hills for a Flat Race

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photoMost of the races are flat here, but I live in the area where I could do hilly rides with 1500-2000m of climbing. Is there much benefit with that if I am racing flat?
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Being an athlete, mother, wife and a working individual I am aware that time limitations can be a struggle and a source of frustration for most typical age group athletes. Therefore I place a lot of importance not only in gathering objective data, such as lactate threshold, from the athlete but also subjective information such as routines and stressors that an athlete faces on a daily basis.

Finding a healthy balance to fulfill the needs of “athletic” and “non-athletic” self is a form of art that requires attention to detail and commitment to perfection, both of which I am proud to offer.