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Part 3: Equipment Advice From a Newb. Guaranteed Accuracy and Brilliance!

author : peteo
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photoHoney, great news. I just spent our kids’ college fund on a new bike! The sales guy said it will shave at least 3 seconds off my 40K time. Umm, honey why do you have a knife in your hand???

Part 2: The Training...Run Fat Boy, Run!!!

author : peteo
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photoTraining for a Tri!!! I get to treat my body as if it were a field mule while my wife runs circles around me and splashes water up my nose at the pool. Whoohoo give me some more!!

My First Triathlon Part 1: How Did This Happen?

author : peteo
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photoWell it is mid-life crisis time. I could get a mistress but I still think my wife is hot. Or I can abuse my body like I was still 19. Triathlon world here I come!!
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