The Tale of the Journey to My First Triathlon

author : davewg
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photoMy journey began after visiting a friend in the hospital after his wife had just had twins. I noticed immediately that he looked great. He had easily lost 30 pounds since the last time I had seen him.

Swim, Bike, Run...First Time!

author : FishrCutB8
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photoMy experiences at Mt. Gretna PA's 'Got the Nerve' sprint triathlon.

Aluminum Foil Mike - My First Triathlon

author : Team BT
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photoOne year ago I weighed 238 lbs. and got winded walking up one flight of stairs - literally. I ran across a brochure for a triathlon...hmm. It seemed like an impossible task, but I was intrigued.

Triathlon Training for Cancer Recovery

author : Team BT
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photoThe day of the triathlon was one of the best days of my life. I felt strong and healthy. Lots of friends and family came to cheer me on. The support was overwhelming.

My First Tri - London Tri 2005

author : Team BT
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photoThere was a long run from the water to the transition area at the London Tri but I quickly found my bike and headed out onto the road.

X.T.E.R.R.A. – Xtraordinarily Twisted Exercise & Ridiculous Running Adventure [LONG]

author : seveerneb
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photoHow to consistently come in last place and enjoy it. By a real expert.

Thanks BT! Novice Triathlete Finishes Hualien Cup, Taiwan

author : Team BT
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photoI started the Beginner Triathlete training program in earnest after Chinese New Year. I viewed the distances in the peak week with trepidation - how on earth would I manage it?

THIS time, I MEAN it!

author : janicebondar
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photoFinally having completed a sprint triathlon, the author now realizes that actual training might be beneficial.

I TRI'd - An Unusual Race Report

author : Team BT
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photoThe toll of fate strikes as those with orange swim caps are beckoned to begin the journey. Ahhh, nothing like the feel of ice cold water seeping in your wetsuit to wake you up. GO!

If I can do it - Nine Weeks from Sub-zero to First Triathlon

author : spetremears
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photo9 weeks after my first bike ride, 5 months after my first swim and 13 months after my surgery I entered the Nelson week Tri a Tri !

My First Novice Triathlon - A Brief Story on my Triathlon Fixation

author : paulee74
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photoI like to go out a few times a week. I like good food. I have often lost my way on the path to the holy grail of fitness.

My First Tri - Club Triathlon Blues (with a puncture)

author : alcross
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photoBut something told me to keep going. The second week in the pond after running, swimming, and cycling all week felt a little easier…not easy, just easier.

Always Tri Again

author : boneyard
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photoWhen you can't catch a breath on the swim and your equipment fails, keep trying!!

The Courage to be Last - My First Triathlon

author : tgurl
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photo”Everyone can swim; show me what you can do.” She watched, I emerged and she said, “Oh! You really can't swim!”

The Road to My First Triathlon and Beyond

author : acbadger
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photoI too was a beginner triathlete...and in many ways, I still am! 6 years ago, I was an overweight woman who considered herself relatively fit until I was told I should start running.
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