Beginner Triathlete - My First Triathlon articles

author : seveerneb
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photoHow to consistently come in last place and enjoy it. By a real expert.
author : Team BT
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photoI started the Beginner Triathlete training program in earnest after Chinese New Year. I viewed the distances in the peak week with trepidation - how on earth would I manage it?
author : janicebondar
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photoFinally having completed a sprint triathlon, the author now realizes that actual training might be beneficial.
author : Team BT
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photoThe toll of fate strikes as those with orange swim caps are beckoned to begin the journey. Ahhh, nothing like the feel of ice cold water seeping in your wetsuit to wake you up. GO!
author : spetremears
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photo9 weeks after my first bike ride, 5 months after my first swim and 13 months after my surgery I entered the Nelson week Tri a Tri !
author : paulee74
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photoI like to go out a few times a week. I like good food. I have often lost my way on the path to the holy grail of fitness.
author : alcross
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photoBut something told me to keep going. The second week in the pond after running, swimming, and cycling all week felt a little easier…not easy, just easier.
author : boneyard
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photoWhen you can't catch a breath on the swim and your equipment fails, keep trying!!
author : tgurl
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photo”Everyone can swim; show me what you can do.” She watched, I emerged and she said, “Oh! You really can't swim!”
author : acbadger
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photoI too was a beginner triathlete...and in many ways, I still am! 6 years ago, I was an overweight woman who considered herself relatively fit until I was told I should start running.
author : aloufan
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photoI couldn't believe that my splits kept getting lower! I started to run harder after I passed the "5 km" sign and picked a few people that I wanted to pass.
author : trad_it
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avatarNow, for the last 20 years I’ve always though that jogging seemed about as interesting as watching paint dry, and you know what? That’s how it turned out to be.
author : PirateGirl
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photoThe XTERRA off-road triathlons consist of a lake swim, a mountain bike trail ride, and a trail run. I decided to try the AZ Xtreme Desert XTERRA Tri as my 1st off-road triathlon, and my 3rd tri ever.
author : brian1388
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photoSomeone said that I would have to change in the transition area after the pool. Well OK, but it was maybe 45 degrees that morning. Yuck, all just part of the experience.
author : dwilliams
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photoWhat? This isn't a duathlon?
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