My First Triathlon - Sprint

author : tpistana
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photoSince this was my first tri, I rode a $200 Schwinn road bike I picked up at Wal-mart a few weeks back. I had only gone on a few five mile rides for training so I was real skeptical about the ride.

I hope my mother didn't see that! My first tri

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photoThose waves are HUGE, I don't know if I signed up for that!

Road to Triathlon: Part 5

author : LexieM
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photoNow that it is getting closer to the big day, we have been inundated with advice, rules and regulations about how to make the best of our first triathlon.

Does Finishing Count?

author : khines
comments : 5
photoThe story of a self-described non athlete's journey as a "triathlete"

Road to Triathlon: Part 4

author : LexieM
comments : 2
photoSo now, in the proper gear and doing bricks as and when I feel like it, I could almost pass as a professional. Almost.

The Accidental Triathlete

author : geofftri
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photoFrom overweight with heart problems to becoming a triathlete

Road to Triathlon: Part 3

author : LexieM
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photoNo nudity in transition. This is one of the rules of triathlon we learned this week.

Thrash, pedal, and puff--a first triathlon

author : kwinkle
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photoAmazingly, they did not have to drag the lake for my drowned corpse.

Road to Triathlon: Part 2

author : LexieM
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photoThere’s so much to learn when it comes to taking part in your first triathlon event. Lycra, trisuits, sneakers, transitions and more.

Road to Triathlon: Part 1

author : LexieM
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photoThe first swimming session was particularly brutal. I managed one length of a 25 metre pool before stopping to get my breath back.

My First Triathlon

author : thomasfieber
comments : 9
photoA (relatively) humorous description of my training for, and participation in, my first triathlon.

Losing My Triginity: My First Sprint Triathlon

comments : 4
photoAll I caught was the last sentence from the marshall, "The most important rule of the race, ENJOY IT! If you are not going to enjoy it, why are you here?!"

My First Sprint Triathlon

author : Raheitmann
comments : 4
photoWhy I decided to compete in my first Tri before turning 50

The London Triathlon 2012

author : ollyd
comments : 3
photoMy experience of competing in my first triathlon.

From Disbelief to Completion: My First Triathlon

author : MOlsen
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photoEarlier this year I did something I never thought I would do: run a 10k. Last weekend I did something I thought was even further out of reach: complete a triathlon.
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