From Disbelief to Completion: My First Triathlon

author : MOlsen
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photoEarlier this year I did something I never thought I would do: run a 10k. Last weekend I did something I thought was even further out of reach: complete a triathlon.

First Ironman? First Triathlon!

author : davey m
comments : 3
photoDeciding on an Ironman as my first venture into triathlon was greeted with incredulity and astonishment combined with a hint of, "well, you're full of yourself aren't you?" and, "a bit ambitious?"

Per Aspera ad Astra!

author : WIRachuba
comments : 1
photoOn a rocky (concrete) path to the stars. A cautionary tale of how to get hooked on Triathlons

Today I Can Call Myself a Triathlete

author : verga
comments : 2
photoMy journey from semi couch tater to triathlete.

My 1st Triathlon at 50

author : Khorwohock
comments : 14
photoI have always wanted to do a triathlon to keep myself fit, and now I had my chance.

Where Novelty And Nostalgia Meet

author : writingrunner
comments : 0
photoHow my first half iron distance triathlon brought back feelings of high school competition.

Pink Cheeks Triathlon 2012

author : dorihol
comments : 1
photoFirst triathlon at age 55 with daughter Linnea & Grandson Hunter

I can't do a triathlon - or so I thought!

author : myred86
comments : 4
photoSo much of what I thought a triathlon simply wasn't correct. How an okay Masters swimmer makes it through his first triathlon - slowly!

A Husbands Point of View

author : IManTagalong
comments : 2
photoThis is an article about my experience as a husband of a triathlete, while she trained for the Orangeman Triathlon

My Source of Inspiration

author : dantheman1123
comments : 1
photoMy first triathlon was at age 56. At first I was just the cameraman at my daughter's first triathlon, then I am doing the races that she has done.

First Triathlon at 52

author : Dr. Dolittle
comments : 2
photoThis was it, my first triathlon and it was starting with my favorite activity of the three. But I soon pulled my shoulder muscle during the first 100 meters of the 1000 meter swim!

My first tri at 57: Exceeding Expectations

author : Pnlop
comments : 0
photoFirst race went better than expected!

Reflections on my First Tri

author : etra77
comments : 0
photoAunt and Nephew do their first Sprint Triathlon together

Nation's Tri - My First Triathlon

author : hoffsquared
comments : 1
photoBattling nervousness and limited training for a surprisingly good finish

They don't give medals for not puking

author : MikeyT1298
comments : 6
photoFirst time triathlete conquers swim struggle and finishes at the front of the pack
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