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NEW! BT Training Log Syncing with more devices

Started by Ron
Views: 2383 Posts: 11

BT's Updated ANDROID APP is Live!

Started by Ron
Views: 4320 Posts: 18


Started by Ron
Views: 2111 Posts: 3

BT's Updated Iphone/Ipad App is LIVE Pages: 1 2

Started by Ron
Views: 6385 Posts: 29

Import Template UPDATED DEC 2013

Started by Ron
Views: 2803 Posts: 1

Syncing Workout Calendars onto your Ipad

Started by Ron
Views: 5450 Posts: 3
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are free plans not free??

Started by randy mounts
Views: 655 Posts: 8

Upload issues Pages: 1 2

Started by jmkizer
Views: 441 Posts: 47
RE: Upload issues
2017-09-14 9:29 AM jmhpsu93

Import training plan issue

Started by stevepiv
Views: 26 Posts: 1

How far do traning logs go back?

Started by TeamAngel
Views: 260 Posts: 2

Unaable to remove friend

Started by jmkizer
Views: 118 Posts: 3

Unable to creat new therad in Mentor area

Started by jmkizer
Views: 119 Posts: 6

Race Database

Started by aburnett
Views: 248 Posts: 4
RE: Race Database
2017-06-20 12:26 PM alicefoeller

When will BT App be updated for IoS?

Started by trimomlewis
Views: 214 Posts: 5

Garmin import and timezone

Started by wazc23
Views: 235 Posts: 1

Fat Clam sprint not listed as a race

Started by MuscleMomma
Views: 272 Posts: 2

How to edit strength training templates?

Started by jashac
Views: 379 Posts: 3

Multisport activities don't import correctly

Started by jmkizer
Views: 358 Posts: 9

Manual Upload giving an error

Started by jldicarlo
Views: 787 Posts: 19

exporting training plans to garmin Connect

Started by dahoffman72
Views: 406 Posts: 2

Updated Posts

Started by ligersandtions
Views: 268 Posts: 4
RE: Updated Posts
2017-03-06 11:38 AM ligersandtions

Web page not loading corectly..

Started by Konabound
Views: 409 Posts: 4

Need to reset my training plan

Started by maximum05
Views: 359 Posts: 2

Search for particular workouts

Started by StartingToTri
Views: 512 Posts: 2

All photos not being displayed

Started by jmkizer
Views: 299 Posts: 3
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